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Beading Instructions










Glass Bead Jewelry


  • Glass beads
  • Beadalon bead stringing wire
  • clasp set
  • crimp beads or tubes
  • needle-nose pliers
  • wire cutters


  • Start with a length of bead stringing wire that is approximately six inches longer than the piece of jewelry you intend to make.  Slide on a crimp bead, then half of the clasp set. Bend approximately two inches of the wire, going back through the crimp bead, and draw it snug against the clasp.
  • Use your needle-nose pliers to flatten the crimp bead against the clasp so that it cannot slide up or down.
  • String all of the beads onto the wire (the first few beads should be strung over both thicknesses of wire).
  • Slide the second crimp bead onto the wire, then the other half of the clasp, then go back through the crimp bead and several other beads.
  • Pull the wire until all of the beads are snug against each other.  Then, flatten the crimp bead.  Use a pair of wire cutters to cut off the remaining wire as close to the beads as possible.


You may wish to purchase a Bead Board.  You can experiment with the layout of your beads and spacers until you are satisfied with the design.  This saves time as you will avoid having to restring beads.