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Applique Bead Work

"Applique" is a derivative of the word "apply".  Applique bead work can be framed and displayed, sewn (applied) to purses, shoes, jackets, and hats, or glued to books, boxes, or anything else you want to decorate!


  • Loom Pattern
  • Embroidery hoop large enough for your pattern
  • Coordinating felt square
  • #12 beading needle
  • Seed beads, size 10/0 or 11/0
  • Nymo "B" thread
  • Small scissors such as nail scissors


  • Put the felt square in your embroidery hoop.  Trim off excess, not quite flush with the hoop.  Cut about 2' of thread and thread a needle.  Make a large knot at one end.
  • In the upper left area of your felt, bring your needle up from the bottom of your felt through to the top.  Starting with first vertical row of your pattern, put 4 beads on.  Lay them on the felt and put your needle back down into the felt after bead #4.  Bring the needle back up to the top between beads #2 and #3.  Put the needle through beads #3 and #4.  Now you are ready to start again.  Continue following your pattern, adding 4 more beads, etc. until you reach the end of your first row.  Starting at the bottom of the second row of your pattern, begin laying your second row right next to the first row by putting 4 beads on, etc., as done in the first row.  Continue until all rows in your pattern are completed.  Secure on the back with a large knot.
  • Remove the felt from the hoop.  Cut around your design very carefully -- you may cut some threads!  As you cut, check the back side to be sure you are far enough away from any threads. *If you wish to frame your applique bead work at this point, do not cut around your design -- just cut felt to correct size for framing.
  • Now this piece of beadwork can be used to decorate all kinds of things!  To sew your design onto fabric or leather, put a dab of glue in the center to hold it in place, then sew the edges down with a running stitch between the outer rows of beads.  Add embellishments or fringe if you wish.


Don't crowd the rows.  The beads should appear to be laying on the felt, not pulling the felt taut, and not being loose.  To keep your rows straight, it may help to draw a straight line on the felt to sew the first row onto.  Then use that row as a guide for the rest.