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Bead Mosaic

Mosaics were created in ancient times in Babylon, Egypt, Greece and Rome.  Mosaics are made of colored pieces of assorted materials arranged together to make patterns and images. They can be used to make unique and interesting pictures, or to decorate picture frames, clay pots, candles, vases, bottles, candleholders, boxes, ornaments, etc.


  • Loom Pattern
  • Assorted beads
  • Background base such as poster board or cardstock
  • Coordinating tissue paper
  • Tacky glue
  • Picture frame


  • Begin by laying out your mosaic design onto a table or other flat surface by following the design of your loom pattern.  This will make it easier to transfer beads to project surface, and it allows you to preview your design and make adjustments.
  • Measure your design layout, and choose an appropriate size background base such as poster board or cardstock; Measuring will allow you to center your design accordingly.
  • Cover the background base by gluing tissue paper (overlapping torn strips or crinkled sheet) matching the color of your background; The beads will adhere more easily to this textured surface.
  • Apply adhesive to each bead, positioning on background one at a time.  While adhesive is still wet, beads can be shifted until you are satisfied with positioning.  Continue until your pattern is completed. 
  • Let adhesive dry thoroughly.
  • If using poster board or cardstock, trim off excess to fit your picture frame; Leave the glass off for a shadow box effect.